Governance, Risk and
Compliance (GRC)

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GRC Journey

VividEdge Consultants help you map this journey by leveraging their number of years of experience in tailoring GRC application and implementing it in client’s s specific context. VividEdge partners with MetricStream to implement a robust and a trusted GRC tool specially aligned to your organization’s structure and processes.


Getting Out Of Spreadsheet Chaos

Get everyone on the same system & away from multiple spreadsheets / solutions


Eliminating Redundancies In Compliance &Risk Programs

Map regulations to common policies and control and get a jurisdiction specific view


Driving Business Performance

Guide strategic investment by assessing risks (KRIs) to strategix objectives (KPIs)


Transform & Innovate

Innovate by taking risks you would otherwise not take but have now learny to manage.

GRC Platform Capabilities

  • Transforms raw GRC data into valuable business Insights
  • Strengthens decision-making
  • Enables real-time tracking of risks, audits, and compliance processes
Built-in Analytics & Dashboard
Flexible Data Model
Templates & Workflows
  • Provides standard GRC process and reporting templates built on industry best practices
  • Streamlines and automates GRC workflows
  • Offers robust access controls, audit trails, encryption, authorization, and authentication capabilities
  • Enables compliance with various local and global security regulations
Role Based Security
External Systems Compatibility

GRC Applications

Enterprise Risk
Regulatory Change
Incident Management
Policy and Document
Vendor Risk
Conflict Minerals
Operational Audit

Content Driven Solutions

Allow you to Integrate GRC content from multiple sources in real time through MetricStream

  • GRC Technology Expertise MSI has a comprehensive GRC Platform with multiple features to build a successful GRC Solution.
  • Best in Class GRC Solutions MetricStream has been recognized as industry leaders in providing Risk and Compliance solutions to the Clients.
  • Best in Class GRC Solutions MetricStream has been recognized as industry leaders in providing Risk and Compliance solutions to the Clients.
  • Technology Roadmap and Planning MetricStream will guide Clients in plotting a future ready GRC Program and will assist Clients in its GRC journey.


Gain a single system of record to manage your GRC program across business and geographic boundaries.

Break down siloes and accelerate GRC cycles through streamlined and automated workflows.  

Strengthen collaboration and coordination on cross-functional GRC initiatives.

Efficiently harness GRC intelligence from across the enterprise to guide strategic decision-making.

Get the flexibility to deploy GRC Apps on-premise or over our highly secure GRC Cloud.


Our Consultants understand that committing to a complete GRC implementation can be a critical decision fraught with some anxiety. That’s why our VividXpress methodology allows you fast track your implementation of integrated GRC, but uses a phased approach. We work with you to get simpler things done first and as you progress to become a Mature User; we work with you on the advance options.

Phased implementations drive time-to-value in the fastest manner and then continues to develop the overall GRC journey as additional functionality and Apps are added.

Provides an evolutionary multi-phased approach which enables rapid ramp-up and emphasizes continuous imrovement
Reduces implementation risks by utilizing the packaged deployment as the first wave to ensure a quick, straightforward move to production
Leverages the extensive delivery expertise of MetricStrem along with the Client to capitalize on the existing power, capability, and flexibility of our world-class technology platform
Our team of Consultants guide and support you with change management, governance and support to set you and your teams on a path of continuous journey towards GRC improvement.
Phased delivery provides clients the ability to gain optimum value from the pre-packaged functionality as well as create unique market-differentiating capabilities



Advanced Adoption -
Content and


Continue GRC


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