Infra/Cloud Services (IaaS)

Vivid Edge excels in providing Managed Services to its clients in the areas of Infrastructure and Cloud Services including managing 24x7x365 operations aligned with ITIL and ITSM framework. The services are built on 4 key tenets:

Cloud Migration


With the lift-and-shift approach, on-premises applications can be moved to the cloud without redesign. We help with cloud migration strategy, planning and execution to help migrate

  • Cloud ready on-prem application to Oracle Cloud
  • On-prem Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle SaaS

    For clients moving away from E-Busineess Suite to Oracle SaaS platform and looking to make historical data accessible, we provide solutions that help

  • Rapid migration of current data to the SaaS application
  • Create alternate storage for EBS Data for easy retrieval
  • Monitor

    Ensure Systems Availability and Uptime. Single-point-of-ownership to meet and exceed systems availability and seamless operations including driving resolution of escalated issues

    This activity is to keep-an-eye on in-scope equipment, technologies, and application to get a 360o view of the current health and review closely watch all alarms, alerts appearing on the monitoring console and flag these and create prioritized tickets / send emails etc. to the respective parties / next level teams. This activity also takes the responsibility of triaging and escalating the same depending on the severity of the issue including attempting automated first level resolution and escalate based on governance process.
    In a transformed setup Vivid Edge has a digital approach to refine & implement tools for effective monitoring including finetuning. For optimal alerting co-relation tools and technologies are implemented including AI Ops to ensure improved qualification and fix recommendations including triggering automated resolutions.


    Seamless Integrated model with integration between client interface and alignment with off-shore team. Agility in delivering of project execution and management

    This multi-level support services team is aligned to receive Incident and service request tickets and work on these based on defined priority to resolve an incident or fulfill a service request. This team takes the overall responsibility of being the single-point-of-owner to escalate to the next level teams internally or service providers / vendors for resolution and or report a bug / get-a-fix at the earliest. Managed Operations would include delivery and initiation of Management of Config, Problem, Capacity, Availability, Change Management as per defined guidelines and requested by Business or IT. The Service Management Organization takes ownership of managing SLAs and Escalation process.


    Drive new technology initiatives and refine architecture. Implement automation strategies to improve availability and productivity

    This activity is performed by the operations lead function aligned with the process / technical champions to review repeated issues/tickets and make plans/suggestions for driving operational efficiency and refine Knowledgebase/automation strategies to reduce incidents and eliminate failure points and drive automate and execute proactive steps to prevent failures. Another important aspect in a managed service it to undertake process improvement and optimization initiatives including CSI (Continual Service Improvement). CSI approach is to review processes and make corrections as per changed business requirements, additionally implementing AI & automation to improve process timelines etc.


    Agility in delivering of project execution and management. Reduce or eliminate multi-hop issues or resolution.

    In a managed services journey once stabilization has been achieved and businesses are satisfied with the services especially meeting and exceeding SLAs and meeting uptime and availability expectations transformation activities are initiated. Transformation activities are associated with Technology, Process, Business needs and growth projections. The tactical improvements are performed by the engaging team and large-scale transformations in the areas of Technology refresh, Major Upgrades, Automation and AI Ops Solutions will be recommended and can be implemented in an augmented model in a continuous cycle.

    The key to success of Managed Cloud services practice is to delivery operational excellence including processes to:

    • Higher returns on IT investments
    • Lower costs for IT operations
    • Minimize service outages
    • Establish well-defined, repeatable, and manageable IT processes
    • Efficient Triaging and Troubleshooting skills & address problems
    • Improved efficiency of IT help desk teams
    • Defined business aligned service levels and service availability
    • Have defined roles and responsibilities to drive single-point-of-ownership
    • Risk-free implementation of IT changes
    • Improved IT processes and services
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