Governance, Risk And Compliance

An integrated Risk Management platform like MetricStream & ServiceNow
is the ideal way to manage your GRC lifecycle in one seamless and scalable system.

Business GRC

Vivid Edge helps implement MetricStream & ServiceNow BusinessGRC and enables a connected, intuitive, and holistic approach to risk, compliance, audit, and third-party management. The capabilities in these products help you cut across organizational silos and facilitate collaboration and harmonization across teams, business units, and functions. With a consistent and uniform approach and common GRC taxonomies, the products allow users to effectively roll up risk, compliance, audit, and third-party vendor data from across the enterprise into actionable business intelligence. With support for mobility, AI-powered capabilities, advanced risk analytics, and curated regulatory notifications, BusinessGRC is designed to meet the GRC needs of today’s dynamic, global enterprises and their extended ecosystem.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain integrated, contextual, and predictive insights on risk and compliance to make better, faster decisions
  • Reduce redundancies in data and duplication of effort through streamlined, automated processes
  • Empower the entire organization to collaborate effectively to identify, assess, and mitigate risks
  • Provide an all-encompassing foundation for good governance across the enterprise and third-party ecosystem

Cyber GRC​

Vivid Edge helps organizations actively manage cyber risk through an IT and Cyber Risk and Compliance Framework that aligns with established security standards so you can pass IT audits more efficiently and get buy-in from top management. This is achieved by comprehensive implementation of MetricStream CyberGRC . Gain comprehensive visibility into the overall IT risk posture and cybersecurity investment priorities. Get your IT and Cyber Risk Compliance program up and running quickly with pre-packaged content and industry frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST CSF, and NIST SP800-53, and map policies to IT controls and policy exceptions. Leverage best practices, insightful reporting, and risk quantification.

Key Benefits:

  • Build confidence with executive management, the board, and regulators by demonstrating a robust, enterprise-level approach to IT and cyber risk and compliance management
  • Gain real-time visibility into cyber risks, including IT vendor risks, and threat exposure as well as mitigation measures through risk quantification and contextual risk information across processes and assets
  • Improve efficiency by correlating vulnerabilities with IT assets and prioritizing remediation efforts based on the areas of highest criticality
  • Quantify cyber risk in business and monetary terms, enabling proactive communication and management of risk exposure


Leverage MetricStream’s ESGRC software to enable a simplified and streamlined approach towards meeting all organizational requirements relating to Environmental, Social, Governance, Risk and Compliance (ESGRC). Vivid Edge understands the necessary needs of your organization and implements ESGRC to seamlessly integrate with your business processes. Built on the industry-leading MetricStream Platform, the software enables organizations to define and manage ESG standards, frameworks, and disclosure requirements, link standards to organizational entities, key metrics, automate the collection and aggregation of data, and report through real-time analytics and dashboards. The software’s centralized risk repository enables organizations to manage ESG-related risks, perform various assessments across business units and suppliers. Any identified ESG issues can be tracked and remediations can be implemented in an automated manner. AI-powered engines help classify and recommend remedial actions.
  • Drive sustainable growth by ensuring environmentally and socially responsible products/services and better governance practices
  • Gain better access to investors and investments and align capital allocation based on ESG practices
  • Increase the confidence and trust of stakeholders including public investors, customers, etc., with a healthy ESG rating
  • Ensure preparedness for impending ESG regulations and reporting standards


Our Consultants understand that committing to a complete GRC implementation can be a critical decision fraught with some anxiety. That’s why our VividXpress methodology allows you fast track your implementation of integrated GRC, but uses a phased approach. We work with you to get simpler things done first and as you progress to become a Mature User; we work with you on the advance options.

Phased implementations drive time-to-value in the fastest manner and then continues to develop the overall GRC journey as additional functionality and Apps are added.

Provides an evolutionary multi-phased approach which enables rapid ramp-up and emphasizes continuous imrovement
Reduces implementation risks by utilizing the packaged deployment as the first wave to ensure a quick, straightforward move to production
Leverages the extensive delivery expertise of MetricStrem along with the Client to capitalize on the existing power, capability, and flexibility of our world-class technology platform
Our team of Consultants guide and support you with change management, governance and support to set you and your teams on a path of continuous journey towards GRC improvement.
Phased delivery provides clients the ability to gain optimum value from the pre-packaged functionality as well as create unique market-differentiating capabilities



Advanced Adoption -
Content and Extensions


Continue GRC



Gain a single system of record to manage your GRC program across business and geographic boundaries.

Break down siloes and accelerate GRC cycles through streamlined and automated workflows.  

Strengthen collaboration and coordination on cross-functional GRC initiatives.

Efficiently harness GRC intelligence from across the enterprise to guide strategic decision-making.

Get the flexibility to deploy GRC Apps on-premise or over our highly secure GRC Cloud.

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