Governance, Risk

and Compliance

Technology can ease GRC processes to protect and
drive business value.

Governance, Risk

and Compliance

An integrated Risk Management platform is the ideal way to manage
your GRC lifecycle in one seamless and scalable system.

Governance, Risk and

Compliance (GRC)

Technology can ease GRC processes to
protect and drive business value.

An integrated Risk Management platform like MetricStream is the ideal way to manage your GRClifecycle in one seamless and scalable system.

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT-GRC)​

Vivid Edge empowers you to link all the key IT frameworks, best practices, and standards into a single solution, allowing IT management to understand and implement all the core IT regulatory and compliance requirements in a strategic and holistic manner.

Vivid Edge has invested the time in understanding and implementing integrated GRC solutions, which allows the creation of simple processes that meet all the IT GRC requirements and standards.

Key Activities:

  • Centralized automation of risk and compliance processes to improve business performance.
  • Reduce costs, optimize technology investments, and align IT operations to business goals.
  • Secure organizational data, manage risks effectively by establishing security controls, meet compliance goals, and data security needs.

Third Party Management (TPM)

Organizations across the world depend on suppliers, distributors, contractors, re-sellers, brokers, and other third parties to fulfil critical business requirements. As the complexity of this third-party ecosystem increases, so do the associated risks. If these risks are not identified and mitigated in a timely manner, they can seriously impact an organization’s agility of their supply chain, reputation and revenue. Therefore, effective third-party screening, due diligence, and continuous risk assessments are critical specially when complying with multiple regulations around third-party governance.

Vivid Edge has end-to-end implementation experience with large and mid-size global system implementations, module implementations, upgrades, extensions and managed support services.  Our team brings deep experience to help you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your third-Party Risk Management program.

Vivid Edge believes that the increasing frequency of third-party incidents, negatively impacting organizational reputation, earnings, and shareholder value, is currently the single-most compelling driver for organizations to invest in Third Party and Supply Chain Risk Management.


ERM, ORM and Internal Audits

Enterprise Risk Management is a crucial mechanism for both mitigating the risks faced by the Company and identifying future opportunities. By systematically integrating Operational Risk Management (ORM) as a key management process across the Company, Vivid Edge supports value creation and competitiveness.

The importance of an Enterprise view of risk exposures and regulatory compliance status, and the difficulty in achieving it, is often recognized as a weakness for many organizations. Vivid Edge enable you to configure an effective strategy for your data and infrastructure, solution platforms, processes and policies, which not only provide an enterprise view along with compliance, but also provide scalable platforms which can easily meet future requirements with ease.

Key Activities:

  • Identify enterprise and operational risks and align them with business processes that create value
  • Assess and analyze risks in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact
  • Track risk management effectiveness with embedded reports and analytics
  • Continuously monitor risks using key risk indicators (KRIs)


Business Continuity

Vivid Edge is an expert on Data protection and Business Continuity Solutions. Vivid Edge has extensive experience protecting clients no matter the industry they operate within, or how big they are, Vivid Edge has been leading IT provider for over a decade and is growing at an incredible rate.

Vivid Edge primarily focuses upon three aspects to a business continuity plan for key applications and processes:

  • High availability: Provide for the capability and processes so that a business has access to applications regardless of local failures. These failures might be in the business processes, in the physical facilities or in the IT hardware or software.
  • Continuous operations: Safeguard the ability to keep things running during a disruption, as well as during planned outages such as scheduled backups or planned maintenance.
  • Disaster recovery: Establish a way to recover a data center at a different site if a disaster destroys the primary site or otherwise renders it inoperable.


Quality Management Solutions

Vivid Edge enables a modern quality management solution that drives compliance and operational innovation through increased operational efficiency as a result of automated workflows and built-in best practices for deviation, internal and external audits, complaints, change control, CAPA, and quality risk management. The solution envisions incorporating risk management into existing quality processes across R&D and manufacturing and allows effective allocation of resources with an enterprise-wide inventory of prioritized risks. Solution ensures the stakeholders and executioners are in compliance to centralized policies, regulations and standards via audit trails capturing every deviation and recognizes the need for easy and secure access to suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other partners for greater control and visibility into quality outcomes. 

Key capabilities include
  • Quality Audits
  • Supplier Management
  • Incident Management
  • Non-Conformance of Materials, Products and Services
  • Corrective Action Preventive Action
Quality Management

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Gain a single system of record to manage your GRC program across business and geographic boundaries.

Break down siloes and accelerate GRC cycles through streamlined and automated workflows.  

Strengthen collaboration and coordination on cross-functional GRC initiatives.

Efficiently harness GRC intelligence from across the enterprise to guide strategic decision-making.

Get the flexibility to deploy GRC Apps on-premise or over our highly secure GRC Cloud.


Our Consultants understand that committing to a complete GRC implementation can be a critical decision fraught with some anxiety. That’s why our VividXpress methodology allows you fast track your implementation of integrated GRC, but uses a phased approach. We work with you to get simpler things done first and as you progress to become a Mature User; we work with you on the advance options.

Phased implementations drive time-to-value in the fastest manner and then continues to develop the overall GRC journey as additional functionality and Apps are added.

Provides an evolutionary multi-phased approach which enables rapid ramp-up and emphasizes continuous imrovement
Reduces implementation risks by utilizing the packaged deployment as the first wave to ensure a quick, straightforward move to production
Leverages the extensive delivery expertise of MetricStrem along with the Client to capitalize on the existing power, capability, and flexibility of our world-class technology platform
Our team of Consultants guide and support you with change management, governance and support to set you and your teams on a path of continuous journey towards GRC improvement.
Phased delivery provides clients the ability to gain optimum value from the pre-packaged functionality as well as create unique market-differentiating capabilities



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