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• Innovations to help optimize processes, remove silos and create value
• Risk & Compliance in this burgeoning age of Digitization and AI

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Building a mature Cyber Security program and improving visibility into Cyber Risks

In the Digital World it is and has become paramount to have a structured risk management platform to execute IT / Cyber Risk programs. VividXpress® IT GRC Solution implemented on the MetricStream platform enables companies to gain comprehensive visibility into the organization’s IT and Cyber Risk and Compliance posture. This helps to understand IT & Cyber Security priorities and manage efficiently.

The management of IT & Cyber Security challenges is key to success for the CIOs / CISOs and having a cohesive approach is important to try and avert / minimize these risks to greatest extent knowing attacks are becoming more challenging, destructive & sophisticated. It is a priority for organizations adopting digital & cloud-based solutions including supporting work-from-anywhere and mobility strategies to implement and manage a structured risk framework. It brings visibility within the overall enterprise risk management portfolio to help protect their brand and organizational health in the digital era.

The VividXpress® IT GRC solution from Vivid Edge implemented on MetricStream platform promises definitive advantages:

  • Reduction in the time taken to complete risk assessment
  • Reduction in expected regulatory losses and other expenses
  • Reduction in the cost of managing vulnerabilities and their impact
  • Improve design and operational effectiveness of Control testing
  • Time savings in tracking and linking policies to regulations 
  • Reduction in time and cost to complete third-party risk assessments essential for Vendor Qualification and Onboarding

    A VividXpress® IT GRC solution includes consulting, implementation, training, adoption, and solution support of:

  • IT & Cyber Risk Management
  • IT & Cyber Compliance Management
  • IT Policy and Document Management
  • IT Vendor Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management & Internal Audit

Our strategy is to help clients:

  • Build a mature cybersecurity management program (IT GRC Journey) based on industry standards, best practices, and frameworks.
  • Boost confidence with the board, top management and regulators through a robust, enterprise-level approach to managing IT, cyber risk, and compliance functions
  • Improve visibility into cyber risks, including IT vendor risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, as well as mitigation measures

Digital Third-Party Risk & Compliance Management & Key Challenges

Digital Third-Party Risk & Compliance Management & Key Challenges

Third-party involvement in the modern business world has become a norm knowing the enormous supply chain efficiencies from specialization they promise. The lack of a cohesive approach in managing compliance and risks management aspects involving third parties has become a major challenge across industries constraining optimization of speed to market and cost of operations. The e2e value chain of today’s companies depend on third-party performance and its ability to proactively be informed of the supply chain constraints to keep their business performing at peak level. There are many interruptions and elevated risks that could affect third-party (Vendor, Partner, Statutory, etc) operations such as financial, supply chain, natural disasters, and geopolitical issues. The increased risk of such compounded challenges calls for a streamlined, integrated, robust, self-managed, proactive Digital Third-Party Risk & Compliance Management solution that assures implementation of

  1. Standardize third party management processes globally for On-boarding, Qualification, Due Diligence, Risk Assessment including Performance, and Termination
  2. Policy & Compliance management across one or more business/products/services
  3. Regulatory management and upkeep of ever-changing requirements
  4. Periodic Monitoring and Risk Assessment including Performance
  5. Third-party Issue Tracking &  Action
  6. Performance and Analytical Reporting

Some of the out-of-the-box quick success solutions include:

  • End-to-end supplier management including onboarding, maintenance, monitoring, performance tracking, and off-boarding
  • Online questionnaires and workflow to streamline the due diligence and follow on risk assessment processes
  • Self-service supplier portal to onboard new suppliers in the digital way
  • Document collection, supplier alerts, audit trail
  • Integrations to Third Party content providers and other packaged products

Value Proposition
Vivid Edge as a System Integrator and Implementation expert can evaluate your end to end Third Party business needs to showcase the recommended TPM/GRC solutions roadmap and could bridge gaps as needed. While establishing a uniform, integrated & automated process, the solution can proactively flag and help avert risks & compliance gaps to avoid delays / re-works and most importantly help avoid large unexpected costs including compromise of brand and reputation.
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