Building a mature Cyber Security program and improving visibility into Cyber Risks

In the Digital World it is and has become paramount to have a structured risk management platform to execute IT / Cyber Risk programs. VividXpress® IT GRC Solution implemented on the MetricStream platform enables companies to gain comprehensive visibility into the organization’s IT and Cyber Risk and Compliance posture. This helps to understand IT & Cyber Security priorities and manage efficiently.

The management of IT & Cyber Security challenges is key to success for the CIOs / CISOs and having a cohesive approach is important to try and avert / minimize these risks to greatest extent knowing attacks are becoming more challenging, destructive & sophisticated. It is a priority for organizations adopting digital & cloud-based solutions including supporting work-from-anywhere and mobility strategies to implement and manage a structured risk framework. It brings visibility within the overall enterprise risk management portfolio to help protect their brand and organizational health in the digital era.

The VividXpress® IT GRC solution from Vivid Edge implemented on MetricStream platform promises definitive advantages:

  • Reduction in the time taken to complete risk assessment
  • Reduction in expected regulatory losses and other expenses
  • Reduction in the cost of managing vulnerabilities and their impact
  • Improve design and operational effectiveness of Control testing
  • Time savings in tracking and linking policies to regulations 
  • Reduction in time and cost to complete third-party risk assessments essential for Vendor Qualification and Onboarding

    A VividXpress® IT GRC solution includes consulting, implementation, training, adoption, and solution support of:

  • IT & Cyber Risk Management
  • IT & Cyber Compliance Management
  • IT Policy and Document Management
  • IT Vendor Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management & Internal Audit

Our strategy is to help clients:

  • Build a mature cybersecurity management program (IT GRC Journey) based on industry standards, best practices, and frameworks.
  • Boost confidence with the board, top management and regulators through a robust, enterprise-level approach to managing IT, cyber risk, and compliance functions
  • Improve visibility into cyber risks, including IT vendor risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, as well as mitigation measures